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It’s official! I now have a boyfriend! I’ve hopelessly fallen for this guy and thankfully he’s fallen for me too. I have never been happier in my life and I hope that this feeling never goes away. Pictures of the happy couple coming soon! :D

"Oh, but someone is about to be attacked by a monster." Skate said as he smiled at you, then pinned you down and tickled you everywhere. "The tickle monster!"

"Gah! S-stop it!" I fall on my back and my hooves kick up playfully. I gently push you off me with my hind hooves and sit on top of you. "Aha! Now I’ve got you!" I say as I assault your belly with tickles.

Sits close to you and smiles. "Hey, cute stuff. How's your day going?"

"It’s going fine. I’m a little bothered by this heat, though." I say, wiping sweat from my forehead irritatedly. 

I’ve got a big date today! I’ll keep the long story short by saying that about eight months ago, I practically confessed my love to this guy and I never heard from him until a week ago when he told me how sorry he was for leaving me like that. He told me how he was going through a hard time in his life and he didn’t want to burden me with his problems. We talked for a bit over the phone and eventually set up a date to meet up. I’m super nervous because I really like this guy and I hope I don’t screw anything up. Wish me luck, friends! 

*sits with you wings flapping as he lands*

"Howdy, partner!" I say happily as you sit next to me. 

th-that bo- er, plot. that is certainly a nice plot you've got, Braeburn. :`D

"Um… Thanks? You ponies have a strange fascination with my bottom…" 

Did you ever let a cowboy sit on your lap? Wait... do ponies even have laps? Ponder, ponder..

"Wha… What’s a lap?" I ask, my ears flopping back. "Well, I’m not sure what a lap is, but anypony is more than happy to sit with me." I say with a cheerful smile. 


against everyone’s better judgment, I ruined my new highlighters drawing an ill-colored braeby.

"I had fun on this trip too." Skate said smiling. "We should do this again sometime."

"And I’m sure we will. I really enjoy spending time with you, Skate." I say honestly as I pack up the rest of our stuff. "Thank goodness no monsters attacked us while we were sleeping." I say chuckling lightly. 


There you go! ~~
Hope you like it!
First time that I draw this cute mofo

i never got the chance to post this but OH GOSH LOOK AT THIS CUTIE <:D

Mod pictures because I want to! Oh, wow! It’s my face! 





Was just doodlin’ around on sai and whatnot

this is amazing!

Skate smiled and nuzzles him affectionately. "Aww, That means so much." Skate said, sitting up and rubbing his belly.

"Ya know… I had a lot of fun on this little trip." I say, looking outside our tent at the trees. "Maybe we can get more ponies together and do this again sometime."